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PokéProf is an iOS app in development that helps maximize your Pokemon Go potential by providing a variety of ways to improve your gameplay. Below are some the frequently asked questions about Pokemon Go and how PokéProf can help you improve. Note, this is not a full guide for Pokemon Go, but there are many online that can be helpful for learning the basics of the game. 

What does PokéProf do?

PokéProf hopes to be an all-in-one tool to help you become the best you can at Pokemon Go. It provides you with a variety of tools:

  • Storing a list of your Pokemon and their stats
  • A full pokedex with available moves and statistics on all the Pokemon in the game
  • The DPS for all the pokemon/move combinations possible
  • A rating of the moveset strength including which moveset is optimal for which Pokemon
  • A battle simulator, to tell you how your Pokemon will perform against a particular gym and how to deploy them optimally.

What does PokéProf Elite get me? 

PokéProf Elite takes your Pokemon Go game to the next level. It unlocks:

  • The ability to store your entire Pokemon Collection in the PokéProf app
  • Battle Team Optimizer. A tool that tells you which Pokemon and in which order to use against any gym or set of enemy pokemon. Never lose a gym battle again!
  • The flee rate and capture rate of every pokemon in the game. This will help you decide on how rare a Pokemon is and how hard it will be to catch

In addition, we are working everyday to add more features and really expand and grow the selection of Elite features included. By upgrading now you will be the first to see when these features are launched!

PokéProf Tutorial

Click the left and right arrows to progress through the tutorial images.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which moveset is best for my Pokemon?

There are many considerations in picking the moveset of your Pokemon. The clearest is to match the type of the moves to the type of your Pokemon. The most important factor though is to pick moves that maximize your Pokemon’s damage per second or DPS. This number, provided by PokéProf shows how much damage your pokemon will do per second. This is determined by the strength, type, and casting time of the move. PokéProf aggregates all these considerations and shows what the optimal fast and special move for your Pokemon is. Power does not take the time of the move, or these other factors into account, so DPS provides a much more realistic estimate of how effective a move will be in battle. 

Choosing the right moves is crucial to being a successful trainer. PokéProf makes it easy to figure this out. We show you what moveset is optimal for a particular Pokemon (100% efficiency) and how effective each other moveset is by comparison. Remember, you can’t change your Pokemon’s moves, so think wisely about its moveset before powering it up.

How do I tell which of my Pokemon is more Powerful? 

Pokemon Go is a game of matchups, and which Pokemon is most powerful depends on the enemy. With that said, there are some general ways to determine how powerful a particular Pokemon is. These considerations are mainly the CP, HP, and moveset of a Pokemon. The combination of these is the important thing. A Pokemon with a lower CP may beat a Pokemon with a higher CP if it has a better moveset and type. Additionally, a Pokemon that does less damage per second but can stay alive longer can outlast enemies with less stamina. 

How these different factors come together can be complicated and it isn’t always easy to determine. In PokéProf we combine them all into one metric and weigh them by their importance. This metric, the PokéProf rating can help you generally determine which Pokemon to use.

Note: Another consideration is the IVs or individual values of your Pokemon. Each Pokemon is unique in its own way and even with the identical movesets and level one might still have a higher attack, defense, or health than another. These are due to the IV points that are randomly dispersed to Pokemon giving them a subtle boost in one or multiple of these categories. 

Help! I can’t beat this gym! What do I do?

Sometimes you feel that you have the potential to beat a gym but can’t put together a strategy for how to beat it. The Optimal Team feature of PokéProf can help you make this decision. This takes into account the strength of all the pokemon in your collection and tells you which ones to use in battle, in what order to use them, and when you should and should not use your special move. 

This takes into account the types and abilities of your Pokemon and the Gyms and helps you maximize your battling potential. 

What is the deal with Gym Pokemon? 

If you’ve battled many gyms you have probably noticed that the computer controlled pokemon can behave quite differently from your own. Specifically, they take a bit slower than normal Pokemon and at more regular intervals. In addition they rely on their special moves in a different way than when you control your own Pokemon. In addition to affecting how you approach battling a gym, this can help you choose which Pokemon are best. Overall you want to pick the best Pokemon possible, so maximizing DPS and health are your best bet. Another consideration is to pick the moves that are hardest to dodge. This is a harder thing to quantify, but can do wonders for helping to protect your gym!

With PokéProf Elite you can determine which moveset is best for your pokemon, both as an attacker and defender, handling all these subtle differences for you. With PokéProf by your side, you can fortify your gyms like never before!

I can’t figure out what type of Pokemon to use. Help!

Each pokemon has either one or two types and each move has a type of its own. If a Pokemon uses a move that matches its type, the damage that is done is multiplied by 1.5x, so achieving this synergy can really help!

In addition, the type matchup of that move and the type of your opponent matches a lot. A move type enemy type matchup can fall into one of five categories:

  • Super Effective (your move is strong against one of your opponent's type) Your move deals 1.25x the damage to your opponent.
  • Super Effective (your move is strong against both of your opponent's type) Your move deals 1.6x the damage to your opponent.
  • Neutral ( Your move is not strong or weak against any of your opponents types): Your move does not gain any multipliers
  • Not very effective (your move is weak against one of your opponent's type): Your move does 0.8x the damage to your opponent
  • Not very effective (your move is weak against both of your opponent's type): Your move does 0.64x the damage to your opponent

Note: these work both ways so your opponent gains these multipliers against you. Resources on which types are strong against other types can be found in a variety of places online. Understanding these matchups is key to being a successful Pokemon Trainer!

What we're working on:



  • More specific guidance about which pokemon should be “powered up” and which pokemon you should evolve.  (In the meantime see the FAQ to learn how to use the Pokemon’s “Set Strength” and other information.)
  • Overall performance Improvements
  • Improved user interface and navigation.
  • More intuitive interactions and explanation for how various features work. (For now see the FAQ. We give a brief explanation of things like the PokéProf rating and DPS).
  • Pokemon “Nemesis” and “Favorite Victim” - See which Pokemon are strongest and weakest against your Pokemon.
  • More detailed information on the battle results screen. 
  • Incorporating dodging and Pokemon switching into simulated battles.
  • Exclude certain Pokemon from your collection when calculating your best team for battle. For instance a pokemon might have fainted and you are not currently able to revive it.  
  • Get more information from a Pokemon’s type.  Be able to find the strongest overall pokemon of a given type and the strongest Pokemon against a particular type.
  • See the basic Pokedex Data for a Pokemon.
  • Upgrade/CP calculator - Find out how much stardust and candy will cost to get a Pokemon to a certain level.  Learn what the pokemon’s CP will be if upgraded.
  • Defensive Pokemon Analysis (Find out which of your pokemon you should leave at a gym). 
  • Gym team analysis - Learn which of your pokemon will best complement the pokemon already at a gym based on their type and strength.
  • Evolution Calculator.
  • IV Calculator.
  • Experience Calculator.
  • Learn which pokemon should you try to capture to make your overall team better.
  • Training optimized pokemon auto selection. You earn more XP if your pokemon has a lower CP.